4 Common Reasons for Divorce

Divorce is incredibly common in the United States and nearly half of all marriages end in permanent separation or divorce. Of course, divorce is not new to American society, but it has become increasingly common within the past five decades, particularly due to changes in divorce law that made it easier for couples to dissolve their marriage.

Although many marriages cannot stand the test of time, no one ever ties the knot thinking their marriage will ultimately fail. We all hope for happily ever after. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Why Do Spouses Get Divorced?

Every marriage is unique, but there are a few common reasons that often contribute to divorce.

Below are some of the most common reasons why spouses get divorced:

  1. The loss of trust and lack of respect: Trust and respect are crucial elements for any relationship, especially a marriage. Without them, a marriage cannot survive. Repairing trust is a difficult task, however, and if both spouses are unsure of where to begin or lack the desire to put in the effort, they will eventually part ways.
  1. The absence of intimacy and love: One of the most frequently cited reasons for divorce is the lack of intimacy and love. After several or dozens of years together, spouses might find that they have very little feeling for their partner. Without love or physical intimacy, the relationship crumbles and divorce practically becomes a sure thing.
  1. The inability to communicate: When spouses have trouble expressing their wants and needs or do not communicate enough, this can lead to the gradual disintegration of a marriage.
  1. Growing apart instead of growing together: People do not remain the same forever and, ideally, spouses should evolve and grow together. However, instead of growing together, some spouses grow apart and have fewer things in common. When your values, interests, and goals are no longer aligned, it can be almost impossible to hold a marriage together. As such, it should be no surprise that this is another commonly cited reason for divorce.

You might notice that substance abuse and violence did not make the cut on this list. In the past, these were the primary causes of divorce. Today, more couples part ways due to psychological and emotional reasons, especially now that society places greater importance on communication, trust, and the ability to form and maintain a meaningful connection with your spouse.

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