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familyAt the Law Offices of Elaine Stypula, we offer understanding counsel and dedicated representation to help you resolve any matter of family law. In these highly personal matters, we recognize what is at stake for you. We know that family law cases involve family, children, and futures.

Our attorney is a mother of three herself and has experience raising children. In any matter that involves children, she is ready to work with you to protect their immediate and future well-being. Attorney Stypula is your counselor and coach through this time.

Family Law Cases in Michigan

Whenever possible, we want to protect everyone involved from the stresses and costs of litigation, finding creative, practical, and amicable resolutions. If a trial is necessary, however, we are ready to aggressively defend your rights.

Our family attorney brings 20+ years of legal experience and has a Master’s in Psychology.We have the training and professional background to be of service to you.

With our firm, you will never be left in the dark. Our attorney intentionally limits her caseload to ensure that she has the time and additional resources to devote to your case. At every step, we will make sure that you understand your legal options and are prepared to make informed decisions. When your rights, your interests, and your futures are all up in the air, you can depend on us. We offer the responsive, personalized counsel you need and deserve.

We are focused on establishing a better future for our clients. When you come to us, we work to understand what your goals are, your concerns, and any needs you may have. From there, we formulate a strategy to help you achieve your desired outcome.

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