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If you are considering a divorce, or if your spouse is pursuing a separation, then you need to be prepared with legal information and advice to protect your rights and your interests. At the Law Offices of Elaine Stypula, we offer clear, responsive communication to ensure that you are always aware of your legal options and know what to expect ahead, helping you resolve matters of child custody, spousal support, asset division, and so on. In this challenging time, we want you to be confident about the decisions you make. Our Novi family law firm is here help you establish a better future. We act as your counselor and your coach!

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  • 15+ Years of Legal Experience and a Master’s in Psychology
  • Keeps Caseload Small to Ensure Personalized Service for Each Client
  • Member of Numerous Associations
  • Knowledgeable, Strategic Guidance for Simple & Complex Situations
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Whenever possible, we aim to help our clients to secure amicable resolutions, sparing them the stress, cost, and delay of a trial. Especially when children are involved, our primary aim is to minimize trauma and to preserve the children’s best interests. In some divorces, however, we realize that litigation is unavoidable. We will be ready with the professional and aggressive representation you need if a divorce or custody trial becomes necessary. Whatever challenges you face in your divorce, we are ready to help you face them head-on so you can move forward to a better future.

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